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About Us



We support the very enjoyable hobby and business of bicycles.


For the bicycle enthusiast, collector and retail bicycle store we now provide a wide

variety of vintage, obsolete and collectible bicycle products. We look forward to

being your source for hard to find items from many aspects of the bicycle world,

and maybe a few from beyond.


We focus on NOS, but come across used equipment and current product in our

searches as well. Please visit our site regularly as we continue to dig through the

boxes we have in our warehouse and find those hidden treasures and obscure

pieces to make your collection complete or get you a step or two closer to finishing

that very important bicycle project.


We invite retailers to explore us for those hard to source repair parts as well.


We purchased the inventories of old bicycle stores and garage shops in addition

to scouring flea markets. Inventories are limited by the very nature of the product

sourcing and the ravages of time. We can keep adding inventory, but are are

dedicated to accurately describe our products and provide all of our products at

competitive prices.


As the new guys on the block, we also want to invite others in similar businesses

to link with us, as we would like to link with them to facilitate sourcing as broad a

selection of products as possible. 


Also, we  want to know what you are looking for, if is not already on our site.

We will contact you directly if we are able to find it, whether we can get it

or the item(s) are available in a competing business venue.


Please contact us regarding the products we sell, the website or any

additional information you wish.


We look to this website as part of our long term commitment to an interesting

hobby, a great sport and a old, unique and parts intensive industry.