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Product condition and definitions

Rubber Condition (applies to grips as well):

            Rubber(tires tubes) has been stored in the dark at ambient temperature.

            Tires will have minor surface crazing and checking.



            Leather saddles and bags have been stored in a dark, ambient temperature

            warehouse, and subject to wide temperature and humidity ranges.

                         Leather manufacturer sites suggest using a product such as

                         Brooks Proof Hide, applied primarily to the bottom of the saddle,

                         to restore a dry saddle to ride suppleness.

Wires, cables and housing condition:

             Control wires and housing have been stored at ambient temperature.

             Wires will show surface oxidation.

             Housing may show signs of surface checking.

Product Condition:

             All products are sold in "AS IS" condition.

             Rusty Bicycle Shop will detail specific condition issues.

             We can provide additional photos. (Charges may apply)


Product Definitions: 

            NOS - new old stock

            SW - NOS product that is shop worn, or not in perfect condition

            NIP - NOS in the original packaging - condition will be detailed in description

            NEW - current products and parts.

            Used - used parts and components - condition will be detailed in description.

            Rough/dead - ?


Quantity : unless otherwise stated, all items are sold as "Each".


Contact us for any further information