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Rusty Nuts

Sometimes you just know.......

Posted by Rusty on Jan 11th 2020

No matter what your specialty is, photography or football. skydiving or microbiology, whenyou encounter someone casually who has the same in

Texas memories

Posted by Rusty on Jan 11th 2020

In the days when I was midwest sales manager for WSI(Western Sates Import)there was a rep named Patty Rock-Carr working the Houston part of

Bicycle Store bookends.

Aug 22nd 2018

When we bought the bicycle store in 1994, there was a lot of inventory. Quite a lot. Therewas merchandise dating from the 1970's when Todd H

No more Perk in my play

Aug 22nd 2018

With a collection of wheeled human powered devices numbering about 100, a few are abit out there.Take the Cheetos model. A lowrider of sort

Bicycles and babysitting

Aug 22nd 2018

Winter in Excelsior was a time for reflection. After all, there wasn't a whole lot of businessto be transacted on most weekdays. I used to t