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Texas memories

Posted by Rusty on Jan 11th 2020

In the days when I was midwest sales manager for WSI(Western Sates Import)

there was a rep named Patty Rock-Carr working the Houston part of Texas. One

of her favorite accounts was Danial Boone Cycles and the owner, Joy Boone. She

always spoke highly of Joy, and when the opportunity to travel with Patty arrived,

she made certain we visited the shop. A packed, old school place with merchandise

crammed into every nook and the feel that if they didn't have it you likely didn't need

it or they had just run out of it.

Fast forward to the days of Currie. I made it a point to revisit many of the dealers

I remember from those earlier days. Dropping Patty Rock-Carr's name was the perfect

way to reintroduce myself, as Patty was a stand-out rep. Quirky, but weren't we all in

the roaring 1990's

Joy and I were talking about my reasons for being in here store (electric bikes at that

time) as well as the old days, the bicycle industry and any number of interrelated ramblings.

After all, we both had been in the industry for many years, knew many of the same people

and had a similar outlook on the state of the market

We were in the middle of it when a women sales rep walked up to us. She had been

working with the buyer of whatever category she had in her quiver of goods. She politely

interrupted our conversation and without skipping a beat, proceeded to give a Joy a warm

hug, as old friends are want to do. They exchanged pleasantries and the women left,

telling Ms Boone that she would see her again next visit.

As we regrouped to continue our conversation, I was expecting Joy to tell me about the

years of doing business with Boone Cycle the woman had under her belt, or the fact that

she was a customer, former employee or maybe even family. From my perspective, it

wasn't really clear.

Instead, Joy looked in my direction and said " I have no idea who that person was..........."

Welcome into my version of the bicycle industry.